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Powerful Writing Tools for newbie Authors

The primary purpose of writing is to influence and inspire the minds of all those people who require such inputs. A writer who knows his job well effectively expresses his / her thoughts, ideas, and feelings. However, a writer need not be an author who writes for a living.

Writing skills can also be displayed while writing business emails, board notes, office circulars, a note to a friend, and even flashing exciting news on social media.

For the newbie writers, we have ready tools with prompts and other accessories to write.

Today I am sharing a list of eBooks that will help you get equipped with the essential writing tools.

1.Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark

Available instantly on:

2.Free Tools for Writers, Bloggers and Solopreneurs by Karen Banes

Available instantly on:

3.100+ Free Tools to Create Content for Social Media & Web: 2021 (Free Online Tools Book 2) by Anita Nipane

Available instantly on:

4. Writing Hacks: Effective Tools For Fiction Writers by JASMEET WALIA (Author)

Available instantly on:

5. Sparkle With Creative Writing - A Simple Tool For Aspiring Writers by Kiran Misra (Author)

Available instantly on:

One thing more, I would like to remind is I am surely going to share detailed guidance on how to write for a living in my book, scheduled to release next month.

But for the time being, I am sharing my research of these eBooks, so that many can start on their own and continue to take my guidance when I release my book and start online writing courses.

It is not easy work to figure out five eBooks from so many existing eBooks. So, I will highly appreciate a small effort on your part. So please click to like this post, or even put a comment to improve.

The ultimate purpose is to help all those stuck due to the Covid pandemic and have lost their jobs, are forced to have a pay cut, and are experiencing a business slowdown and failures.

Happy Reading

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