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Reference books on Finance, Corporate Laws, and Costing

Any person who wants to write on Financial system, Banking and Insurance, Corporate Laws, and Cost and Management Accounting must first understand the basics of it.

The following books can be referred to for understanding the basics of Financial systems, Banking and Insurance, Cost and Management Accounting, and Corporate Laws.

Indian Financial System

Indian Financial System: Financial Markets, Institutions, and Services by Siddhartha Sankar Saha (Author)

Available at Amazon on:

Banking and Insurance

Banking and Insurance (revised edition 2021) by D.D. Chaturvedi (Author), Arun Mittal (Author), Saumya Chaturvedi (Author)

Available at Amazon on:

Corporate Laws

Taxmann's Corporate Laws (Set of 2 Volumes)

Available at Amazon on:

Cost and Management Accounting

Taxmann's Cost & Management Accounting Cost by Ravi M Kishore (Author)

Available at Amazon on:

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