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Ultimate Happiness Mastery in 5 simple steps

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

My first book of the Let’s Enjoy Happiness series.

This book will help you become happy and explain the step-by-step process to enhance Happiness and keep it with you permanently

It has a specific focus on discovering Happiness Enemies, the Truth behind Lies, and learning how to lead a Happy Life at Home and Workplace with Time-Tested Skills and Secrets of Mindful-Meditation, Positive Emotions, Flow, Responsibility-Accounting, and Resiliency in All Situations and Circumstances.

You will learn the rare tricks of 5 seconds habit of mindfulness, the easy step of instantly converting negative emotions into positive emotions in 7 seconds, and immersing your self into happy goals till fulfillment.

The reader will succeed in instantly converting unhappy feelings into happy, positive emotions within 10 seconds.

Don’t waste your precious time in life with unhappiness.

Click on the following link : for buying the book from India

Kindle edition:

Paperback edition from :

(For people buying from outside India, please use and enter my book name in the search)

to get your Ultimate Happiness Mastery In 5 Simple Steps

at an initial launch price.

I am going to increase the price soon

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Makarand Khanolkar
Makarand Khanolkar

Good reading. Riveting as the flow of thoughts is excellent. Well structured.

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